I have always lived by the principle of “Tath Tvam Asi” (thou are that) – which essentially means that “what you seek is within you” – be it the zenith of contentment or the nadir of sadness.

Apart from Tantric paintings, I also create Papier Mache sculptures and Wall Murals – and have experimented extensively with different media to produce stunning unique work.

I firmly believe that there should never be a need to explain a certain piece of art…“if you’ve created art it should speak for itself and whatever it says to the viewer – it’s the right message. Each viewer takes something a little different from the same art”

Tantric Paintings, to put it very simply is not for the five known senses – or to put it in other words – instead of you looking at the tantric painting – allow the painting to look at you…if you can !!!

My paintings, sculptures and murals adorn the homes and office premises of private collectors and connoisseurs across the globe; in New Zealand, US, Dubai, India, Australia and Netherlands. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and produce art from my home based studio. 

In a nutshell –
Naked…unclothed of scriptures…prancing with Satyrs of Reason…I raze Temples of Sanction…and Fornicate at Brothels of Chastity…and unto the mirror…I see God !

Apart from my passion for Papier Mache, I am also the Director of AtAuckland Limited – an Auckland based Graphic and Website development company. Check out my technical skills here